Happy to come to Japan.

Coming-of-age Day!

I am gonna be a mom!

I am happy to have the opportunity to live and work in Japan. I explore every weekend.

We came from Italy to record a TV program.

We enjoyed skiing in Hakuba.

Today is my child’s birthday!

It is fun to take selfies and take photos of each other.

We came to Ginza to test this brand new camera.

Tsukiji market was really fun.

We came to Ginza for shopping. We love to ride motorcycles. 

Tokyo is very clean.

Japanese people are very kind.

I have traveled to many countries and taken photos with 645N II.

Traveling makes us happy.

I am a big fan of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Musical Band. They had a parade here in Ginza. That was amazing.

Happy to come to Japan.


I came to Japan to hold a private photo workshop.


I came from Nagano prefecture to promote a shop in Ginza selling products from Nagano.


Happy to come to Japan. It is warmer than our country.


I brought this rollerblade from my country.


We have visited Japan a few times. We love it!


Coming from Belarus, based in Indonesia and studying cinema in Germany.


The title is “Saturday Afternoon”.


We played the flute in a contest.


I feel happiness when I watch dogs.


I visited Suzuka Circuit to watch and shoot Formula 1 race with my Hasselblads.


We joined a big tea party.


I have shot executive head shots and professional portraits in Tokyo and San Fransisco.


My happiness? Everything about her. She makes me happy.