My grandmother is Japanese. I came to Japan to meet her.

Here in Tokyo we can feel much more sunshine than our country.

Japanese people are very kind and polite.

I got more new jobs recently.

We met our Japanese friend and she took us to very famous restaurant in Ginza. That was amazing.

We came from the other side of the earth but it is much warmer than we thought.

This is my 1st trip to Japan.

I have come to Japan several times to see around wonderful Japanese architecture.

We met our Japanese friends in Osaka before we came to Tokyo.

Happy to come to Japan.

We came from the same country but we met here in Tokyo.

We ate fishes in Tsukiji Fish Market. It was very delicious.

It is really fun to travel to anywhere we don’t know yet and talk with strangers.

Playing baseball makes me happy.

Happy to meet our friend living in Osaka before we came to Tokyo.

Today (January 7th) is Christmas Day for us!

We are getting married soon!

We are professional dancers.

Happy to come to Japan.

Coming-of-age Day!

I am gonna be a mom!

I am happy to have the opportunity to live and work in Japan. I explore every weekend.

We came from Italy to record a TV program.

We enjoyed skiing in Hakuba.

Today is my child’s birthday!

It is fun to take selfies and take photos of each other.

We came to Ginza to test this brand new camera.

Tsukiji market was really fun.

We came to Ginza for shopping. We love to ride motorcycles. 

Tokyo is very clean.