I am really happy that I will return to my country after two years’ absence in two days.

This is the first time to travel in these three friends.

This is 1st time for us to come to Japan. Happy to see around many places.

I am very happy just in being able to have relaxing days on weekends hanging around in Ginza.

Today is my birthday and these two friends came to Japan to celebrate!

We have taken photos of famous buildings designed by famous architects. Ginza Shiseido Building is one of them.

I went jogging around the Imperial Palace for the 1st time the other day. It was nice course.

We will visit some places like Kyoto, Nara. Do you have any place you think we should visit?

I love Japanese people. They are wonderful. People make cities, cities make nation. It means Japan is wonderful.

I have lived in Japan for years and got many friends here. Very happy to be with them.

When I was a child, I loved Manga. Now I am in the country the Manga came from. Very glad to be here.

This is our 1st visit to Japan.

I could enter a company and could get a driver’s license this April. I started new chapter of life.

My happiness? Foods. Mexican food is the best.

We love cants. Cats make us happy.

My husband is a professional baseball player in Japan. I hope his team will win this year!

We came from separate countries and met in Japan by chance.

Weekend catch-ups with old friends make us happy. It’s a great feeling just walking down this road together.

My happiness is making people happy.

We are happy to meet here because we have not seen for a long time.

We have traveled a lot of countries and Japan is the best ever!


I was surprised at precise instruments like full automatic toilet seat here. I cannot have it in my country.


Japanese people are very kind!


I chose Japan as the destination of my first solo travel because I wanted to make it safe enough.


We joined in our friend’s wedding ceremony in Kyoto. That was awesome.


Every Wednesday morning I have breakfast on the beachside. That is a wonderful time.

This is our first trip to Japan. We have a great time.

We came to Japan to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary.

I have been staying in Japan for years. I have a lot of happiness here.

I could lay my mother’s ashes to rest by myself. That could be one of my happiness in my life.