“I am studying Japanese architecture here. I am very happy my dream has come true!”

“Our happiness? No war and world peace.”

Japanese food makes us happy.”

“Meeting new people makes me happy.”

“Relaxing at home with family makes me happy.”

“French croissant on a Sunday morning makes me happy.”

“I have come to Japan some times. It is very interesting to travel around Japan because each place has unique characteristics.”

“I live in Japan and I am very happy that my sister came to meet me.”

“Love and creation make us happy.”

“Expressing myself through singing makes me happy.”

“We have traveled many countries. Japanese people are very kind and polite.”

“It is fun to interact with people at places we visit while traveling abroad.”

“I am in Japan on business. I am so happy to be able to travel around the world as part of my job.”

“Staying with people I love makes me happy.”

“It is happy to be with people I feel comfortable. No matter where we are.”

“Traveling around and staying at home with family and friends, both are nice and make me happy.”

“We spent time to make a plan for this trip to Japan while talking many things. Talking with friends makes us happy.”

“Our happiness is the quietness with pondering philosophy of life.”

“While on a trip, meeting people at the places I visit is fun.”

“Dancing makes us happy.”

“We are in the middle of traveling all over the world. It takes more than six months. We got to love Japan so we extended our stay. Happy to celebrate our wedding anniversary in Japan!”

“Traveling new places is fun. I have been in Japan for 2 weeks. It has been perfect so far!”

“During this trip, we have bumped into many babies. When babies smile, it makes people around them smile. Smiling makes us happy.”

“We live in a prefecture next to Tokyo. It is calm and peaceful compared with Tokyo and it takes only a short time to come to Tokyo on our days off. We live a happy life.”

“My happiness? Playing violin and playing tennis.”

“It is fun to visit many countries and meet many people there.”

“Traveling makes me happy.”

“I am happy enough to be here enjoying this sunny day in Ginza.”

“I love to travel and when I come back home from traveling abroad I feel happy and relax to see my family.”

“Meeting people I don’t know during our trip is really fun.”