“I think happiness is when you, your family, your close people, friends all are in good health and all having a good time everyday.”

“Happiness for me is seeing the joy people get in meeting new people and traveling, seeing and tasting new things.”

“Happiness for me is being able to travel the world with my fiancé and see beautiful places such as Tokyo and embrace the culture.”

“For me happiness is to be with my family, with my friends, traveling where I want, beautiful days like today and living your life in the best way you can.”

“My happiness is being healthy, being with my twin sister and family and seeing people smiling.”

“Happiness for me is to be free to do what you want, to be happy about what you have and to be aware that the moment is good.”

“I think happiness is when you feel that everything is good for the moment. If you feel like that, nothing can hurt you even when something wrong happens.”

“Going on holiday, exploring and the sunshine also makes us happy.”

“Happiness for me is meeting good people in a nice streets, spending nice holiday like we are doing now, just small tings in our life.”

“Happiness for me is doing what you want when you want.”

“For me happiness is an atmosphere. It can be in the nature, it can be in the city, it can be anywhere as long as I feel calm inside myself, I also feel happy.”

“Happiness for me is sharing special moments with people you love and being in peace.”

“Happiness for me is just having some tea and chat. And also my cats are my happiness.”

“Happiness for me is laughing, smiling and feeling your best version of yourself for the people you love most.”

“Happy moment is good conversation, sharing unexpected experiences with somebody.”

“Adventures and all of unknown, unexpected things make me happy. I love Japan. I came here with my family. I can see something new around every corner so I get excited about something new and I get comfort of my family with me. That is the perfect balance of happiness for me.”

“My happiness is being with my friends and family and my daughter especially.”

“My happiness is to walk in the forest and look up leaves from the below.”

“I think happiness is family and friends that stay with you no matter what in your difficult times and happy times.”

“I feel like happiness is to do with what you are doing or just a state of mind that you happen to be in. I don’t think you have much control of it and I don’t think you can search for it. I think happiness just comes to you and you can’t decide.”

“Happiness for me is spending time with people you take care of and being able to enjoy any things and experiences in life together.”

“Happiness for me is being in stable state of mind, being with my family, my friends, my boyfriend.”

“For me dancing is my happiness. I teach Bollywood dance and I love dance from bottom of my heart.”

“For me happiness means being fine with myself about what I am doing. If I like it, if I feel good, it means happiness for me.”

“Happiness is being surrounded by friends and family, spending time with them, knowing that they will be there, they will support whatever decision you make and they will do anything for you.”

“I think happiness for me is anything that brings you in a moment where your spirit is feeling open and free and ready to absorb good things around you. So It is not exactly one thing but more spiritual moment.”

“Happiness for me is a state of mind, not a goal. If you feel full, that would be happiness.”

“Happiness for me is laughing a lot, discovering new things, feeling the moment and pursuing my dream.”

“My happiness is traveling, spending time with people you really love and care about, It is a really good feeling.”

“For me happiness is a combination of success in business life and love in family life. I am very young so I don’t have family yet but in the future I want to have that. If I proceed having good life, good balance of success of work and good family, that would be happy for me.”