Staying at home with my kids makes me happy.

Love and the sun make me happy.

My happiness; Doing what I like with a person I like.

It is happy to meet people I do not know while traveling.

I had Japanese foods at Tsukiji yesterday. Those were awesome!

We have traveled to about 35 countries. We love traveling!

I feel freedom when I travel around.

My happiness is just that my family is healthy.

Spending time together makes us happy.

My happiness? Chocolates!

Having a good time without thinking anything makes us happy.

Happy to be with people I like.

I feel happy when I travel as I like and meet people I do not know.

It is important for me to have a good balance for the way I look at life.

Happy to meet people I do not know while traveling.

Traveling makes me happy.

Traveling together makes us happy!

I love the sun!

Being together with my friends makes me happy.

It is happy to spend time with our family.

Traveling with her makes me happy.

My happiness is freedom to explore.

Traveling makes me happy.

Being with her makes me happy.

I feel happy when I am with a person I love.

I am happy that my friend came from our country and spend time together.

I love healthy foods like tofu.

I am happy when I can make people happy.

I am very happy when I can help people in trouble.

I am a midwife so very happy to take care of mothers and babies.