“So many things make me happy. Like when I wake up and see Sun shine and nice weather. It is easy to make me happy. Happiness is everywhere around us and it is inside of us also.”

“My happiness is unconditional love of my golden retriever.”

“Spending time with my girl friend makes me happy. I came to Japan a couple of years ago and now I am very happy to bring her here.”

“My happiness is to be free to do whatever I like.”

“My happiness is being surrounded by people I love and animals I love.”

“We have a little puppy and he brings us a lot of happiness. And people that we love and friends around us also bring a lot of happiness, too.”

“I love Japanese food. Especially Mochi Ice.”

“My family lives apart each other. I am very happy that we meet sometimes and make happy memories.”

“We make each other happy!”

“Harajuku Fashion makes me happy.”

“Small things in our daily life make us happy little by little.”

“Surrounded by friends family and person I love makes me happy.”

“Cherry blossom viewing in Japan is one of my bucket lists for ten years. I saw it this morning and it made me cry.”

“If you get a good job, you can afford to do many things like traveling. So getting a good job makes me happy.”

“It has been our dream to come to Japan and we are here finally. We love Japanese culture and atmosphere.”

“The life is short so you should enjoy your life as much as possible.”

“Japanese people are very kind!”

“New experience makes me happy.”

“Spending time with people who have Positive energy makes me happy.”

“Animals make us happy. We have grown with them. They teach us dignity and kindness.”

“I am happy when I am inspired by things around.”

“Experiencing many cultures and meeting people living there make me happy.”

“Japanese food makes us happy. We love Japanese food like sushi, ramen, dumpling.”

“We came to Japan for our first wedding anniversary. Japanese people are polite and lovey!”

“I am very happy that my friend, who went missing, was found now!“

“I am a scientist. I am happy to do evolution good for others.“

“We are engaged. Making each other laugh makes us happy.“

“New experiences make me happy.“

“I can see the ocean from my house. That wonderful view makes me happy“

“Good food, good clothes and good love make me happy.“