I should be spontaneous to make myself happy.

It is happy for me to be surrounded by people I like and I respect.

We have traveled many countries every year. Vacations make us happy.

I am waiting for my parents here, it is interesting for me to see people walking around.

I have traveled many countries for 2 years. It is really wonderful to get to know the people and culture in each country.

We love fun things. He makes me laugh, it makes us happy.

Sometimes I want to escape from reality. Traveling is one of the ways to do it.

We are designer and painter. Expressing ourselves makes us happy.

We are very busy with work everyday, so having a sleep makes us happy 🙂

I went to Ueno Park and I liked dishes sold at stalls there; Takoyaki, Yakisoba etc.

We have lived in Japan for months and I like it very much.

We love food. Especially spinach makes us happy!

Designing makes me happy.

 I’m happy when I can break down the routine, change the pictures, do something unusual for me and get new experience. But some things which make me happy need to remain the same: live near the sea, sleep enough, always have the favorite song, often meet my dear people, be successful and satisfied at work.

We got a land and built our house and created beautiful garden by ourselves. We are still continuing to modify them. it makes us very happy.

I love Japanese culture and the scenery of temples or shrines with modern buildings is very interesting.

We have traveled many countries. Traveling makes us happy.

We came to Japan finally and enjoyed Japanese culture.

My happiness is absolutely our little daughter. She makes us happy.

Living in peace is happy enough for me.

We came to Japan for a honeymoon. Happy to come to Japan!

Wanna know why I came here to lean Japanese? Because I think Japanese language is the most difficult language; Knaji, hiragana, katakana and Sonkeigo, Kenjougo, Teineigo etc. It is not easy but I will do my best!

I am thankful to be alive, grateful for the small things in my life.

About the street scene, here in Tokyo is very similar to other big cities like New York. But about the culture, I feel huge difference from European countries or the US. I have visited Cuba, the street scene there is completely different from big cities but I feel the cultural difference much more here than in Cuba. It is very interesting.

Dancing flamenco makes me happy.

We both are designers in different categories and feel happy when we think about new design.

Spending holidays together makes us happy.

My happiness? My lovely motorbike!

We got shabushabu last night. That was amazing.

We feel happy when we are together.