“I guess happiness for me is being with people you love around you. Another thing that makes me happy is getting to know new cultures, eating new foods, different types of people with new religions, everything new for me. That makes me happy.”

“When I get something that I really enjoy to eat, it makes me so happy. In Japan Ramen makes me happy.”

“Happiness for me is being here because this is my first time to travel away from my country.”

“My happiness is to feel my soul connected to beautiful landscape. I can find myself when I get lost because I feel connected.”

“For me happiness is being with friends, family and have a good time.”

“Laughing makes us happy.”

“I was happy to share nice moment in Japan with my colleagues of different cultures and it would be great to do the same with my friends so I hope I will come back another time.”

“When my friends and family are happy and when I can make them laugh, I feel happy.”

“My happiness is when I meet some new people and explore some new places. In Japan we ate so many food and met so many nice people who helped us with our travel. It was amazing. Happiness is always around you.”

“Happiness is generally just a sense of overall wellbeing that you feel good about who you are, about your surrounding, about the impact you give to other people and the peace within yourself.”

“Happiness for me is spending time with friends that I don’t get normally see a lot and experiencing amazing things with them, trading memories. We live apart and only see each other once a year.”

“Happiness for me is drinking a cup of coffee by her side on rainy Sunday morning.”

“Meeting people, being together with friends makes me happy but I can also enjoy by myself so it is mixture of many things.”

“Family, friend and food make us happy.”

“Right now my happiness is being able to see him because we haven’t seen each other for some months but otherwise happiness is being able to do something that sets yourself free and brings joy to the people around you.”

”I am a surgeon and I have been in a Japanese hospital for some months to observe gastric cancer operations. That makes me really happy.”

“Happiness is living a full life everyday.”

“Happiness for me is noticing that people are feeling joy. I am a teacher and that is what I like about my job, seeing the faces of the children and their happiness and joy.”

“What makes me happy is traveling, meeting new people and eating delicious food.”

“This is our first time to come to Japan. It is really exiting!”

“What is happiness for us… freedom to be who you are and not being stressed by work.”

“You took nice photos of me. That makes me happy.”

“Being able to see the world and how other people solve their problems makes me happy.”

“My happiness is being calm and feeling safe and secure with people I that I comfortable with.”

“Happiness for me is spending time with family, traveling and working. The combination of them makes me happy.”

“When I see my family smile and when I make them happy, it is their happiness and also it is my happiness, too.”

“I think happiness is being surrounded by people you love, being healthy and doing things you love.”

“For me happiness is being with my family, friends and doing things I love, also making people I love happy, making them laughing.”

“Happiness for me is freedom of doing whatever I want any moment and being able to know myself well enough mentally and fiscally.”

“Timing together, laughing together make us happy.”