“I think happiness is sharing moment with people and feeling connected with them.”

“I was always low-down when I was small kid so positive talks like talking about dream made me happy. Now It makes me happy to inspire others, making people coming out from negativity to positivity and saying that life is really beautiful, do not waste even single minute and see the beauty even in the worst scenario.”

“We came to Japan on our honeymoon so very happy to be here. And love and family are the main things that make us happy.”

“I have been many countries and usually people ask what is my favorite and I always say “the next one”. Now I can say Japan is my favorite, I like the culture involving architecture, arts, foods, people, social skills, social movement, ethics, everything.”

“Happiness for me is when I finish my job and go home, I have nothing else to do, just sitting down and relax with my boyfriend and family.”

“My happiness is spending time with my family on my days off.”

“For me happiness is traveling with my family and also I love solo traveling. I have been to about twenty countries around Europe and this is my first time to travel to Japan, so I am really really happy to be here.”

“What makes me happy is spending time with my family, learning anything new that interests me and getting new experiences.”

“Family makes me happy.”

“I think happiness is day-to-day life, just being with my family especially with my little sister. Their presence makes me happy.”

“It makes me really happy to see new cultures, meet new friends and eat good foods. I think traveling makes me really really happy.”

“Good food like Sushi and Ramen makes us happy.”

“I like traveling and exploring, really like learning about new cultures, eating new foods so seeing new things makes me happy.
And my friend lost his wallet in Tokyo and some one actually brought it back to him. So nice! That also made me happy.”

“What makes me happy is that I live in freedom and I can go wherever I want and do whatever I want. I think that really makes me happy.”

“Pizza makes me happy.”

“I guess happiness for me is being with people you love around you. Another thing that makes me happy is getting to know new cultures, eating new foods, different types of people with new religions, everything new for me. That makes me happy.”

“When I get something that I really enjoy to eat, it makes me so happy. In Japan Ramen makes me happy.”

“Happiness for me is being here because this is my first time to travel away from my country.”

“My happiness is to feel my soul connected to beautiful landscape. I can find myself when I get lost because I feel connected.”

“For me happiness is being with friends, family and have a good time.”

“Laughing makes us happy.”

“I was happy to share nice moment in Japan with my colleagues of different cultures and it would be great to do the same with my friends so I hope I will come back another time.”

“When my friends and family are happy and when I can make them laugh, I feel happy.”

“My happiness is when I meet some new people and explore some new places. In Japan we ate so many food and met so many nice people who helped us with our travel. It was amazing. Happiness is always around you.”

“Happiness is generally just a sense of overall wellbeing that you feel good about who you are, about your surrounding, about the impact you give to other people and the peace within yourself.”

“Happiness for me is spending time with friends that I don’t get normally see a lot and experiencing amazing things with them, trading memories. We live apart and only see each other once a year.”

“Happiness for me is drinking a cup of coffee by her side on rainy Sunday morning.”

“Meeting people, being together with friends makes me happy but I can also enjoy by myself so it is mixture of many things.”

“Family, friend and food make us happy.”

“Right now my happiness is being able to see him because we haven’t seen each other for some months but otherwise happiness is being able to do something that sets yourself free and brings joy to the people around you.”