“My happiness? Playing violin and playing tennis.”

“It is fun to visit many countries and meet many people there.”

“Traveling makes me happy.”

“I am happy enough to be here enjoying this sunny day in Ginza.”

“I love to travel and when I come back home from traveling abroad I feel happy and relax to see my family.”

“Meeting people I don’t know during our trip is really fun.”

“I feel happy when I draw pictures.”

“Creating memories all around the world with people you love is happiness for us.”

“Tokyo has many tall buildings and a lot of colorful lights at night. I love it.”

“My family makes me happy.”

“Staying with beloved people makes me happy.”

“Visiting Japan is one of my dreams and now it comes true! ”

I am majoring in astrobiology. So I love stars in the night sky and sea.”

“Expanding my experience and increasing my knowledge make me happy.”

“I love nature of Japan. Mountains, lakes, forests and sea sides. All are very beautiful.”

“My happiness? Doing ballet!”

“I live away from my parents. So It is really happy when I meet them.”

“Traveling together makes us happy.”

“To feel happy, it is important to find balance with myself”

“It is happy to visit countries we have not been yet and find something new.”

“It is really happy to travel around together.”

“My happy moment is holding hands with a person I love.”

“Traveling around the world with great friends makes us happy.”

“It is happy to meeting people I don’t know yet.”

“My happiness? Everything in my life!”

“It is really happy to experience things we have not yet while traveling.”

“We went to Akihabara. It was very colorful city. I was happy to see many kinds of toys there.”

“I love vegetarian food. It makes me happy.”

“We love Japanese food, sushi, Tonkatsu and Gyoza.”

“We came to Japan on our honeymoon. We love Japanese culture.”