Dancing flamenco makes me happy.

We both are designers in different categories and feel happy when we think about new design.

Spending holidays together makes us happy.

My happiness? My lovely motorbike!

We got shabushabu last night. That was amazing.

We feel happy when we are together.

I love traveling.

Making people happy makes me happy too.

We came to Japan for a honeymoon. Love makes us happy!

I feel happy when I can draw one line that I really love in a picture.

I am happy when I feel like I can travel to my favorite places freely.

We like walking on the street at night. It is quiet and nice atmosphere.

I have visited many countries. Experiencing different cultures and meeting people living there inspire me.

We have traveled many countries and come across interesting people and things.

We have climbed many mountains and this time we came to Japan to climb Mt. Fuji!

Happy to come to Japan and discover lots of things I have not seen with my family.

When I am together with my family and friends, I am very happy.

The bathtub at the hotel we are staying is really comfortable. It makes us happy.

Walking around cities makes me comfortable.

I live here and happy that my friend came from our country and now we can go sightseeing together.

There are so many electric signboards here. They give us good vibes.

I have visited some cities in Tokyo. I love Hiroo and Roppongi.

I came from South America, she came from Europe and we met you in Tokyo. This is extremely international!

We feel calm when we are together.

We shower our baby with as much love as we can but sometimes taking a nap makes us happy.

Unfortunately there are some conflict areas in the world. Here in Japan we can look up at the sky without the worry of the aerial bombardment. It is really happy.

My happiness? It is him! He makes me happy anytime.

I came to Japan on my graduation trip with my mother. This is our first visit to Asian country.

We took six months to plan this trip to Japan and we are here finally!

We came to Japan for a honeymoon.