“I feel happy when I do pencil drawing art.”

“The most important thing about traveling is not the place we go, but the person we go together.”

“We love food. We feel happy when we have delicious food.”

“I love sushi in Japan. The fish in Japan is the best in the world!”

“Our happiness is visiting many countries and finding new things.”

“We came to Japan for our honeymoon. We love sushi and that is partly why we chose Japan. We enjoyed authentic sushi in Japan finally.”

“The sun, nature, animal make me happy.”

“Awesome work of French football team in the World Cup makes us happy!”

“Being together makes us happy.”

“People, scenery, everything in Japan is really nice!”

“Our happiness is our friendship.”

“The sushi we ate at Tsukiji was really good!”

“Trying something new makes me happy.”

“It is important for me to feel each moment of our life and take care of it.”

“We make ourselves happy!”

“Humanity and connection are very important to me.”

“Traveling around together makes us happy.”

“Coffee and music make me happy.”

“We came to Japan for our honeymoon. We are really glad to be blessed by many people!”

“We feel happy when we take photos.”

“Love makes us happy!”

“I started a new life this January in Japan. It is really happy to do new things and meet new people.”

“Visiting new places and meeting new people and new languages makes us happy.”

“We love the cultures of Tokyo and sushi.”

“The culture, the scenery and the people in Tokyo are all amazing. Tokyo is the capital of the world!”

“Being with family makes me happy.”

“She makes me happy!”

Any kind of LOVE makes me happy.

We have visited many countries. Exploring world makes us happy.

We came to Japan for our honeymoon. Traveling together makes us happy.