”I am a surgeon and I have been in a Japanese hospital for some months to observe gastric cancer operations. That makes me really happy.”

“Happiness is living a full life everyday.”

“Happiness for me is noticing that people are feeling joy. I am a teacher and that is what I like about my job, seeing the faces of the children and their happiness and joy.”

“What makes me happy is traveling, meeting new people and eating delicious food.”

“This is our first time to come to Japan. It is really exiting!”

“What is happiness for us… freedom to be who you are and not being stressed by work.”

“You took nice photos of me. That makes me happy.”

“Being able to see the world and how other people solve their problems makes me happy.”

“My happiness is being calm and feeling safe and secure with people I that I comfortable with.”

“Happiness for me is spending time with family, traveling and working. The combination of them makes me happy.”

“When I see my family smile and when I make them happy, it is their happiness and also it is my happiness, too.”

“I think happiness is being surrounded by people you love, being healthy and doing things you love.”

“For me happiness is being with my family, friends and doing things I love, also making people I love happy, making them laughing.”

“Happiness for me is freedom of doing whatever I want any moment and being able to know myself well enough mentally and fiscally.”

“Timing together, laughing together make us happy.”

“For me happiness is being free, being who I am.”

“For us happiness means exploring and seeing the world. I have been a lot of countries and Japan is totally different from anything in the world. It is very cool to see.”

“I think happiness is ultimately a state of mind. If you choose to be happy then you gonna be happy no matter the circumstances are or who you are. If you choose, It is going to come for you.”

“Happiness for me is traveling with people I love, knowing different places, new places. This time It took about 15 hours to come to Japan but I am happy to spend time with my family here.”

“I am happy to reconnect with my old friend.”

“Sharing a lot of things like new experiences makes us happy.”

“My Happiness? Enjoying the moment.”

“I am happy to wake up every morning being with people you love and being with things that bring you joy.”

“My happiness is traveling with him, being with him and seeing his smile!”

“My happiness is my happy family!”

“Good food and meeting new people welcoming and having different backgrounds, stories make me happy.”

“Happiness for me is traveling all over the world and meeting new people with my girl friend.”

“So many things make me happy. Like when I wake up and see Sun shine and nice weather. It is easy to make me happy. Happiness is everywhere around us and it is inside of us also.”

“My happiness is unconditional love of my golden retriever.”

“Spending time with my girl friend makes me happy. I came to Japan a couple of years ago and now I am very happy to bring her here.”