“I think happiness is realizing and seeing small things in daily life.”

“For me happiness is enjoying life, doing what you love and doing the best you can because hard work always pays off.”

“Happiness for us is enjoying each moment and doing what you love to do.”

“I am a furniture and architecture designer, so traveling and seeing new places and getting inspired make me happy.”

“When I get to learn something, even if it is small thing but if it is new to me, learning for the first time makes me happy.”

“For me happiness is simple things like having a coffee in a nice place or watching the sunset somewhere nice place together, beautiful, relaxing moments. Simple things of the daily life make us happy.”

“This is my first day of seventy five days trip. I will visit many Asian countries. I love traveling, that makes me really happy.”

“Happiness is traveling that what I am doing now. I am traveling to different countries in Asia. Happiness is also my family. This is my sister, she came here to visit me in Tokyo.”

“Happiness for us is being together.”

“The happiest moment is when I travel and see different cultures and meet people from different cultures. That makes me really happy.”

“Happiness for me is family and friends.”

“Happiness for me is discovering new things with the people I love.”

“Happiness is doing what you love, whatever makes you happy, waking up everyday in the morning and just being thankful for what you have and having a positive view of life.”

“Before happiness for me was like traveling, seeing the world but since I joined doctors without borders, I have seen different kind of happiness. In some countries people don’t have the luxury of traveling and in small villages where there are no electricity and no running water, the communities are very strong and happiness is shared all together. Now for me happiness is trying to get people together and do things together, not as one but as all, just enjoying little things not big things together.”

“Happiness for me is a life having no worry, no stress.”

“Happiness for me is staying with friends together, laughing together, making jokes.”

“Traveling with family and friends might be perfect. That makes us happy.”

“For me happiness is Love. If all people try to spread love and make others happy all over the world, there is no fight and no war in the world. Love is the origin of happiness.”

“My happiness is being with people I love.”

“My mother is Italian and I grew up with big Italian family so I love Italian food. That makes me happy.”

“Happiness for me is traveling to know different things and different cultures and see people there.”

“Happiness for me is friends and family but that does not mean I need to be close to them. It is in my hart and I know where they are all around the world. That makes me happy.”

“I feel really happy when I draw pictures. Actually we did some drawing event this morning at Tokyo Station, it really brought us pure feeling of happiness so we are very happy right now.”

“We are on our honeymoon so it is maximum level of happiness now. We enjoy visiting some lovely places in Japan.”

“I think happiness is when I am with my family, spending time with them and also just being confident in who you are, spending time yourself, loving yourself.”

“What makes me truly happy is being my family. My family is everything to me.”

“Happiness for me is just peace of mind.”

“Happiness for me is when things happen that I do not expect and like little things in everyday life.”

“Happiness for me is playing soccer with my friends.”

“Happiness is being with someone you love.”