Being together with my friends makes me happy.

It is happy to spend time with our family.

Traveling with her makes me happy.

My happiness is freedom to explore.

Traveling makes me happy.

Being with her makes me happy.

I feel happy when I am with a person I love.

I am happy that my friend came from our country and spend time together.

I love healthy foods like tofu.

I am happy when I can make people happy.

I am very happy when I can help people in trouble.

I am a midwife so very happy to take care of mothers and babies.

My happiness is friends, my family and the sun.

We are hoping for the health and happiness of our family.

I am very happy when I am with my kids.

I am on a journey to find happiness.

Happiness is harmony and balance.

Happiness is enjoying small things.

I like Japan and when I am in Japan, I can feel like I am a child again.

This is 2nd time to come to Tokyo. I love Tokyo and I am very happy to be here.

It is happy to be with a person I love.

Happiness is being at peace with yourself and the world.

It is happy that family is in good health and to be together.

We got married recently and we are very happy to travel together.

Happiness is traveling with those you love, a girls’ night out and chocolate.

It is happy to have freedom to do exactly what I want to do.

We climb up rocks. We will train at a gym in Japan and hope to improve our skills.

Happiness is when I’m satisfied about the decision I make and the actions I take.

Happy to be with her.

It is happy to see a person I love.