Walking around cities makes me comfortable.

I live here and happy that my friend came from our country and now we can go sightseeing together.

There are so many electric signboards here. They give us good vibes.

I have visited some cities in Tokyo. I love Hiroo and Roppongi.

I came from South America, she came from Europe and we met you in Tokyo. This is extremely international!

We feel calm when we are together.

We shower our baby with as much love as we can but sometimes taking a nap makes us happy.

Unfortunately there are some conflict areas in the world. Here in Japan we can look up at the sky without the worry of the aerial bombardment. It is really happy.

My happiness? It is him! He makes me happy anytime.

I came to Japan on my graduation trip with my mother. This is our first visit to Asian country.

We took six months to plan this trip to Japan and we are here finally!

We came to Japan for a honeymoon.

I love painting. When I paint pictures it makes me happy.

I want to be always be positive, so I keep in mind to be surrounded by positive people.

I am going to write a book. Writing makes me feel good.

I visited Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. In that store, there were a lot of price tags on the wall and in front of the goods. That was amazing. 

The climate in Tokyo is nice. Warmer than our country.

Japanese people are very gracious.

I got married a few weeks ago and held the wedding ceremony in Disney Land. Living in Japan made me happy!

We came to Japan on our graduation trip.

In Japan, there are so many things different from our country. It is very interesting.

I am really happy that I will return to my country after two years’ absence in two days.

This is the first time to travel in these three friends.

This is 1st time for us to come to Japan. Happy to see around many places.

I am very happy just in being able to have relaxing days on weekends hanging around in Ginza.

Today is my birthday and these two friends came to Japan to celebrate!

We have taken photos of famous buildings designed by famous architects. Ginza Shiseido Building is one of them.

I went jogging around the Imperial Palace for the 1st time the other day. It was nice course.

We will visit some places like Kyoto, Nara. Do you have any place you think we should visit?

I love Japanese people. They are wonderful. People make cities, cities make nation. It means Japan is wonderful.