Weekend catch-ups with old friends make us happy. It’s a great feeling just walking down this road together.

My happiness is making people happy.

We are happy to meet here because we have not seen for a long time.

We have traveled a lot of countries and Japan is the best ever!


I was surprised at precise instruments like full automatic toilet seat here. I cannot have it in my country.


Japanese people are very kind!


I chose Japan as the destination of my first solo travel because I wanted to make it safe enough.


We joined in our friend’s wedding ceremony in Kyoto. That was awesome.


Every Wednesday morning I have breakfast on the beachside. That is a wonderful time.

This is our first trip to Japan. We have a great time.

We came to Japan to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary.

I have been staying in Japan for years. I have a lot of happiness here.

I could lay my mother’s ashes to rest by myself. That could be one of my happiness in my life.

We got engaged last month!

Happy that I won 100-1 long shot on a horse race last year.

Happy to visit countries I have not been to.

Happy to be with my family.

My happiness? Beers and dogs!

This is the 1st time to visit Japan. It is very interesting.

Happy to feel more sunshine these days. Spring is coming.

We tend to think that we can feel happy only when we achieve some kind of goals. But now I am healthy and my parents are healthy, so I should feel happy about it.

It is very interesting to see around Tokyo.

Happy to come shopping in Ginza.

Happy to feel Spring is coming.

People and cities in Japan are wonderful.

We enjoyed Kabuki at Kabukiza Theatre. It was great!

I work at 7th floor in a building so I enjoy nice view of Ginza there.

Japanese language sounds very beautiful.

Japanese people are very kind and respectful.

I brought this from my country.