“I love vegetarian food. It makes me happy.”

“We love Japanese food, sushi, Tonkatsu and Gyoza.”

“We came to Japan on our honeymoon. We love Japanese culture.”

“When I can help people, I feel happy.”

“Traveling together makes us happy.”

“Living the day like tomorrow does not exist. That makes me happy.”

“My family are all good in health. That is happy enough for me.”

“Tokyo has many kinds of streets and they are completely different. We are surprised every time we exit subway and come aboveground.”

“We are happy to be in Tokyo now!”

“I feel happy when I spend time with my family.”

“We had sushi at Tsukiji. That was wonderful.”

“At the end of the day, after finishing all things to do, I go into bed. That is the happiest moment for me.”

“I am a photographer. When I feel a passion for photography, it makes me happy.”

“I finally meet my sister and stay together now.”

“Tokyo has many kinds of streets and we find something new at each street.”

“Sunshine makes me happy. Today the rain was gone and now the sun is coming out. I am so happy!”

“Kindness of Japanese people makes us happy.”

“She makes me happy!”

“I feel happy when I do pencil drawing art.”

“The most important thing about traveling is not the place we go, but the person we go together.”

“We love food. We feel happy when we have delicious food.”

“I love sushi in Japan. The fish in Japan is the best in the world!”

“Our happiness is visiting many countries and finding new things.”

“We came to Japan for our honeymoon. We love sushi and that is partly why we chose Japan. We enjoyed authentic sushi in Japan finally.”

“The sun, nature, animal make me happy.”

“Awesome work of French football team in the World Cup makes us happy!”

“Being together makes us happy.”

“People, scenery, everything in Japan is really nice!”

“Our happiness is our friendship.”

“The sushi we ate at Tsukiji was really good!”