Today is my birthday!

The sushi we ate a few hours ago was so good!

Living in Japan, things I have experienced and people I have met here make me happy.

Peace of mind makes me feel happy.

Being with family or friends makes me happy.

Tomorrow will be our first wedding anniversary. True love makes us happy!

I grew up in an area near Japan so I am very happy to come to Japan finally 🙂

It is happy to learn new things.

Traveling together makes us happy.

I am a filmmaker. My happiness is expressing various emotions through filming, lighting, framing and focusing.

Spending time with friends makes me happy.

Being with family and close friends makes us happy.

Staying at home with my kids makes me happy.

Love and the sun make me happy.

My happiness; Doing what I like with a person I like.

It is happy to meet people I do not know while traveling.

I had Japanese foods at Tsukiji yesterday. Those were awesome!

We have traveled to about 35 countries. We love traveling!

I feel freedom when I travel around.

My happiness is just that my family is healthy.

Spending time together makes us happy.

My happiness? Chocolates!

Having a good time without thinking anything makes us happy.

Happy to be with people I like.

I feel happy when I travel as I like and meet people I do not know.

It is important for me to have a good balance for the way I look at life.

Happy to meet people I do not know while traveling.

Traveling makes me happy.

Traveling together makes us happy!

I love the sun!