“We make each other happy. We are made for each other.”

“I am happy that I am starting new life and making new friends in Japan.”

“Staying with family makes me happy.”

“Staying with people I love makes me happy.”

“My happiness is the opportunity to show to my kids amazing country Japan and spend 3 days in Disneyland”.

“Staying with friends makes us happy.”

“My happiness is staying with people who can make me forget any painfulness.”

“If my family are not happy, I cannot feel happy. So seeing my family happy makes me happy.”

“Having happiness within myself makes me happy.”

“Japanese ramen noodle soup makes me happy.”

“Meeting new people makes me happy.”

“My family means everything to me. It is my happiness.”

“Happy to come to Japan. Japanese people are kind and polite.”

“Everything around me like places I visit and family and friends make me happy.”

“Challenging myself to try new things makes me happy.”

“Exploring many cities makes us happy.”

“If you have happiness within yourself, it would make everything around you happy.”

“We have been best friends since we were children. We are very happy to come to Japan for the first time together.”

“Getting married with best friend is our happiness.”

“Visiting many countries and experiencing each unique culture make me happy.”

“Staying with family makes us happy.”

“We came to Japan for our honeymoon. We are very happy to visit Japanese beautiful scenery.”

“I am working in Tokyo. I am very happy to work in a country of different cultures.”

“Staying with people we love makes us happy.”

“Meeting new people who have different way of thinking makes me happy.”

“I am studying Japanese architecture here. I am very happy my dream has come true!”

“Our happiness? No war and world peace.”

Japanese food makes us happy.”

“Meeting new people makes me happy.”

“Relaxing at home with family makes me happy.”