Happiness is when I’m satisfied about the decision I make and the actions I take.

Happy to be with her.

It is happy to see a person I love.

It is happy to travel many countries and get to know many cultures.

It is happy to share wonderful time with close friends.

We love each other and we make each other happy.

It is happy to see people who are happy.

Holiday, traveling, family, many things make me happy.

We just arrived in Japan a few hours ago. We are looking forward to seeing around Tokyo.

I have come to Japan many times and it makes me feel happy that Japanese people have mutual respect.

It is happy to know what my friends think happy and do it for them.

We got married a week ago. Being with family makes us happy.

I love Japanese culture. That is one of the reasons why I learn Japanese language.

My happiness is my family. My baby was born the other day and my father and mother came to Japan to see my baby. Today I walk around with my father wearing Kimono. It is really happy to be with my family.

We love each other and that makes us very happy!

Japan has four seasons and each season has beautiful colors. I want to draw scenes with those colors.

Traveling makes us happy.

Dancing makes me happy!

It is really happy to travel many countries with my family.

Being with people I like makes me happy.

When we woke up this morning, the sky was clear, had a cup of coffee and then walked around beautiful city. it is simple but very happy.

I should be spontaneous to make myself happy.

It is happy for me to be surrounded by people I like and I respect.

We have traveled many countries every year. Vacations make us happy.

I am waiting for my parents here, it is interesting for me to see people walking around.

I have traveled many countries for 2 years. It is really wonderful to get to know the people and culture in each country.

We love fun things. He makes me laugh, it makes us happy.

Sometimes I want to escape from reality. Traveling is one of the ways to do it.

We are designer and painter. Expressing ourselves makes us happy.

We are very busy with work everyday, so having a sleep makes us happy 🙂